Mark Benzon

Excellent course to start the basics of Shona.

Kieran Dunn

I’d like to say that I really enjoyed studying Shona with Cindy. It was a great learning experience and she is a great teacher.


Coming into the course, I had a very basic knowledge of Shona picked up over the years at school and in general. This was the perfect course to join all the dots and make practical sense of everything. The lessons were clear and concise- Cindy was absolutely brilliant in her explanation and delivery and her cheerful positive attitude made the lessons very enjoyable.

As a Zimbabwean, I would highly recommend this course as the perfect introduction to not only the language but also the culture.

Sara Gardiner

Comments: (written in Shona by Sara Gardiner at the end of 10 hour course)

Ndakada kudzidza chiShona. Ndakatsvaga chikoro. Ndakataura neshamwari yangu, anonzi Leigh. Leigh akadzidza chiShona naCindy, akafara. Cindy anodzidzisa chiShona neFree Your Mind. Ndakawana chikoro! Amai vangu vakadzidzawo chiShona. Takataura naCindy, nanhasi tirikudzidza kutaura nekuverenga nekunyora chiShona. Ndinofara. Ndinosekerera. Ndirikuyedza kudzidzira chiShona muhofisi, ne ndirikuyedza kutaura neshamwari dzangu. Nhasi ndinogona kutaura zvishoma. Ndinoziva mazwi zvishoma. Ndinoyedza kuyeuka. Tatenda Cindy! Maita basa mudzidzisi! Mazvita! Ndichadzidzira, ndichavanani mangwana, svondo rinouya, gore rinouya. Ndinodada kutaura chiShona muZimbabwe.


English translation written by Sara Gardiner:

I wanted to learn Shona. I looked for a school. I talked with my friend, her name is Leigh. Leigh learnt Shona with Cindy, and she was happy. Cindy teaches Shona with Free Your Mind. I found a school. My mother also wanted to learn Shona. We spoke to Cindy, and today we are learning to speak, to read and to write Shona. I am happy. I smile. I am trying to practise Shona in the office, and I am trying to speak Shona with my friends. Today, I am able to speak a little bit of Shona. I know a few words. I try to remember. Thank you Cindy. Good job teacher! You have done it! I am going to practice. I am going to be better tomorrow, next week, next year. I am proud to speak Shona in Zimbabwe.


Eduard Stratenus

Great way to learn Shona in a quick practical way. The teacher was great and made it fun, not only to learn Shona but for us to also get a feel for the Shona culture. This has helped a lot as I am working in a completely local environment.

Dion Bell

18 hours well spent! Professional and a great venue! Enjoyed and found the teaching material easy to follow. Would recommend to anyone and would like to progress to the next level.


Michael Thaw

In 2016, I decided that I should try to learn Shona. Having been born and having lived in Zimbabwe (for much of my life) I was embarrassed by not being able to speak the local language. The tutor under the name Cindy has been perfect! She has been patient and met with me at a convenient time. I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to learn Shona should engage with Free Your Mind and Cindy.

Desmond Lawler

My instructor’s punctuality was spot on! It was great that tutorials were conducted at my home. My tutor was always prepared and knowledgeable about the subject matter. The course was professionally handled.

Robert J. Cunningham

Excellent course! Our tutor was always on time! All lessons were well prepared and engaging. Everything was clean, professional and well kept. Cindy made sure to engage all students in the way in which they comprehend best. Class was always professional with no distractions. Hopefully, I will be back in 2017 for the next session.

Anne Keith

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course with Cindy. She has been clear in her explanations and has been patient with me. Cindy has made learning Shona enjoyable. I have also appreciated the way she explains things and has taught us part of the Shona culture coupled with grammar and vocabulary. Thanks very much Cindy- much appreciated.